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Booking System

Booking rooms at Reighamsyde HouseIt will save you money

There are many corporate systems available that enable B&B, Hotel, Holiday Home owners to accept bookings online.

These are all fine, except that they tend to take such a large percentage of your revenue - typically in the order of 20% of the total booking.

In contrast, our system provides secure online payments via PayPal for about 1% of the booking total*.

It allows you to:

Administration Control Centre booking tab - monthly calendar viewAll it requires is a free PayPal business account, appropriate hosting (with PHP scripting and a MySQL database - this can easily be arranged) and your website/

A one-off payment of only £449 includes:

Comprehensive features


* between 0.5% and 3.4% (depending on turnover and the amount of deposit). E.g. For a booking worth £100, with a 30% deposit, the charge to PayPal will be £1.22 (20p + 3.4% of £30) - compared to about £20.00 with another system. So you collect £28.78 via PayPal and £70.00 directly from your customer.