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Jacqueline Byrne LONDON

Jacqueline Byrne LONDON home pageSimple design

Jacqueline Byrne LONDON is a wedding dress designer and making service that produces beautiful work.

In a case like this, the design task is to keep it simple - to let the customer's products do the talking.

So we have a website that is dominated by the photography.

Home page

The home page features a custom  gallery grid showing random content that is constantly cycled, from the main gallery, accessories and other feature panels.

There is also a snippet from the latest blog entry.  At a later date we will be adding a Twitter feed widget.


The whole of the website has been designed to be responsive to different screen sizes, so it will look good on desktops, laptops, tablets, iPads, iPhones and other large format mobiles.

The Accessories galleryThe Gallery


The galleries are the heart of the website.

They are organised into paginated rectangular grids. Hovering over an item with a pointer (e.g mouse), shows enlarges the thumbnail and showing it in colour (if available).

There is a detail page for each item with a full version of the gallery image, plus unlimited CMS controlled text, graphics and video.

Blog etc...

As well as a blog and a contact page, there will soon be an Inspiration page that will document what has influenced the Jacqueline Byrne LONDON style and a testimonials page.

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