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Malabar Guest House home pagePopular

Malabar Guest House home page uses one of the standard components from our booking system - the comments panel.

Home page with the comments section expandedWhen you click on the panel on their home page - you immediately see that they are very popular with their guests. 

And no wonder - it is such a lovely place and they are very friendly.

A good night's sleep

When Brian and Moira approached us, one of the main things they were looking for was a way to stop their telephone ringing - especially in the middle of the night.

So our booking system was put to work, to give their customers a 24/7 alternative to causing insomnia.



The rooms page at Malabar Guest HouseThe booking system calendarA particular thank-you should go to Moira here, as she has provided many helpful suggestions to improve the booking system.

She also inspired the design for the website with her fondness for purple orchids.

The Rooms

The details and photographs of all the bedrooms at the Malabar are collected together on a single page.  A section is included for each room, in an expandable panel.

This brings all the information together for the visitor's convenience and cuts down on the repetition that would occur if each room had a separate page.


The website also has comprehensive pages about all the facilities, prices, the locality, contact details (including enquiry form), terms and conditions, an access statement and directions to the Malabar with a customised google map.

To visit the Malabar click here