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Tubeflies home pageEnthusiasm exists because of the enthusiasm and passion of its owner for his sport/hobby.

At first though, this same enthusiam was a hindrance to producing the website, as whenever we tried to contact him, it was difficult to hear him speak on the phone due to the noise in the background.

This was because he was invariably stood in the middle of a river (usually in Dumfriesshire), fly-fishing.


After Jason told us what he wanted and pointed us in the direction of some other fly-fishing websites he liked the look of, we came up with some logos and alternative designs.

We sent these to him, indicating that we liked one particular design best (this one).

At first, he wasn't that keen, saying the design lacked colour - and he was right.  Then we pointed out  that this was deliberate and why it had been done this way.

Less is more...

By keeping the design of the website simple and unobtrustive, it allows his products and other page content to really stand out.

And it works - sometimes less is more. really stands out compared to the other fly-fishing sites - they have so much colour, that it is really difficult to see where you are going - a bit like being drunk at a disco, perhaps.

An example of a page created by the customer via the content management system

A custom page - created by our customer - Jason

Custom Pages

A gallery photo and caption exampleJason wanted to be able to create his own pages, such as tutorials and other information.  So we gave him just that.  He can now create as many pages as he needs and organise them into menu sections under the Information heading.

He has produced some really nice pages, totally independently - which is good, as we know very little about fly-fishing.


A gallery feature was also included.  Jason's customers can upload photos of their own tubeflies and fishing adventures. These are displayed in the gallery after Jason has approved them.

Other features

Oh yes - there is a full retail/eCommerce system, with product category drill-down and text search.  Each product can have multiple images, pack sizes, size variations etc.

The whole site is CMS driven and unlimited.

There is also a news section, a Twitter feed (on the front page) and each and every page can liked for Facebook.

Jason is adding new content pages and more and more colourful products to his site all the time.  It's growing fast and we expect it to be very big.

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